“It’s great when a band can back up great production on a recording with an even better live performance.”
- Beef Vegan, Kwss 106.7 (Dec 16, 0010)

“The energy from this band is unbelievable, and I truly think Shallowpoint is getting somewhere with their music. If you have yet to see them, stop wasting time and do it.”
- Gabrielle-Joree Jacomet, Slam Magazine

“For a compilation of seemingly random songs, it is not half bad and in fact it is damn good”
- Janice French , Gigwise (Nov 24, 0006)

“They are amazingly friendly and loyal with their fans, and always dedicated to the music. They are a ever-rising band and they will continue to succeed through the help of their fans.”
- Forest Silen,

“Shallowpoint just became the first band to earn that distinction [of home grown hit].”
- Martin Cizmar, Phoenix New Times (Dec 14, 2010)

“Like an addiction, their sound calls you back again and again,”
- McKennon Gillette, Slam Magazine