Shallowpoint is an energetic, Hard Rock / Alternative Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. With their thought provoking lyrics, intense live shows, and the release of their newest album “Numbers” this band plans to take the music industry by storm with a deluge of heavy riffs, strong harmonies and hard hitting beats. They have played along side and toured with national acts such as Saliva, Taproot, Trust Company, Lacuna Coil, Fair to Midland, Truth About Lies, Smile Empty Soul, Soil, The Haunted, Belphegor, and many of the best bands in the local Arizona scene. Their music has found its way on radio stations across the country and earned them the title of “Home Grown Hit” on KWSS 106.7 in Arizona.

Shallowpoint formed in 2003 comprised of Josh Spezzano, Mike Grassey, and Nick Vance, along with Sergio Gaxiola and Andrew Altamirano. The musical connection they felt was stronger then that of any other bands the three of them had been in prior, and quickly laid down the foundation that formed the brotherhood and talents they represent today. In 2004 Shallowpoint released their first self titled EP, and the band was quickly grabbing peoples attentions in the local scene. After a year of non-stop recording and shows, in 2005 they released their first full Length album “A Beautiful Machine”. The album quickly got them featured in publications like SLAM magazine, Phoenix New Times and on air at KWSS 106.7. this momentum carried them over the next year and a half as they toured frequently while working on one of their most ambitious projects up to that point, the 2006 concept album “Novella”.

Shallowpoint collaborated with some of the best Arizona musicians on the album, including Jeremy Kopatz from Selfless, Brandon Dooley from The Iris, and renowned didgeridoo player Gerald Austin. In 2007 after an exhausting year of shows, the band needed to take a break, and it was during this time that their lead singer at the time Andrew , and Drummer Sergio, both mutually stepped down from the group for personal reasons. This kick started a rebuilding process that resulted with Jeremy Kellum, Jason Pavone and Eric Ryan joining the band. With fresh life and energy breathed back into Shallowpoint the band immediately went back to the studio to start writing and recording. In 2008 they released the EP “Blood Sweet and Tears”. The new EP brought with it a new genre crossing sound from Shallowpoint. With it came a huge range of gongs that fit different genres, and they were able to be open up to different radio station markets and the band grew more and more, both in terms of fan base and musical ability. The next year would be filled with touring and shows. It was the end of 2009 that Jason mutually went separate ways from band. This would not slow the band however, as 2010 was largely spent in the studio perfecting what they have created and started working on their largest project yet. Mid 2010 saw the limited releases of two new demos, “Lose Control” and “K.C.Z.N”. The demos were originally only avalible at shows and were never for retail sale, but this gave their dedicated fans a glimpse into what was to come from Shallowpoint. The singles “Down” and “Lose Control” received radio success being played on 98KUPD and in regular rotation on KWSS 106.7, earning them the title of “Home Grown Hit” on the Morning Infidelity with Beef Vegan. However, the band wasn’t finished with the product they wanted to release and spent most of 2011 in the studio finishing what they had started. Then in October of 2011 Shallowpoint released their newest and most successful full length album to date “Numbers”. Shortly after the release of the album Nate Varin joined the group, and they have started a vigorous show schedule for 2012. Shallowpoint has proven to be adaptable and hard working and loyal.

Current Members
Jeremy Kellum – Vocals
Josh Spezzano – Guitar
Mike Grassey – Guitar
Nick Vance – Bass
Eric Ryan – Keys, Vocals
Nate Varin – Drums